DUSTY REBELS AND THE BOMBSHELLS continues to Inspire Uniqueness, Self-expression and Creativity

Fans of all things 40s, 50s, and 60s once again descended upon the West Coast Ostrich Ranch on 12 November 2016, for the fourth annual Dusty Rebels and Bombshells one day lifestyle festival, officially and proudly supported by The City of Cape Town.

In 2016, the festival was titled the day Rockin’ & Riding, an accurate description of this delightful, family-friendly celebration of fashion, food, music, cars, motorcycles and sports from the golden age of Americana and social culture.

What you could see:
New to DRTB was a skate and BMX mini ramp with demos; members of the public were also invited to skate and BMX. There was a fun fair, a special Levi’s Tailor shop and loads of vendors proffering clothing, accessories, vintage memorabilia, custom bikes, tattoos, food and more, a Jack Daniel’s bar for the adults, and a separate kiddies area.
On the entertainment front, the main stage was lit up by some of the country’s finest genre DJs and live acts including Martin Rocka and the Sick Shop, Lonesome Dave Ferguson, The Ratrod Cats, Three More White Guys, The Dixie Pricks, Gunshot Blue, Dan Valley and the Countrymen… and a special appearance by Cape Town rock icons Taxi Violence, making their DRTB debut.
The Blue Haired Betty with Dusty Rebels and the Bombshells hosted the second edition of Miss Bombshell Betty Pin-up pageant on the main stage – a highlight for anyone who appreciates style and elegance. For the public, MAC was on hand to apply make up, SCAR offering hair styling, and Barnet Fair with their specialist grooming skills for the men. 
Car buffs occupied the very popular DRTB dirt track, where drivers and riders got to kick up the dust around the dirt corners all day. Enjoyed by all was the classic car and bike show and exhibition hosted by Rockstar Cars between the revs.

Retrospective Cape Town paraded their finest in a fashion show, and later in the evening – once the kiddies were asleep – a variety of the city’s finest Black Orchid burlesque performers graced the main stage.

For those who chose to stay late, overnight camping was available for a small additional cost.

So to all those rebels at heart – thanks for putting on your blue jeans, showing off your tats, styling your old-school flavour and showing us that you’ll never conform to the mundaneness of a normal routine.

Brands/businesses that would like to sponsor and do activations at some of the events, please email us.

DUSTY REBELS AND THE BOMBSHELLS continues to Inspire Uniqueness, Self-expression and Creativity

The idea behind the name Dusty Rebels & the Bombshells:
One of the attractions will be cars and bikes; we believe DUST represents the outdoors/speed /dirt tracking.
The Rockabilly followers are known to be REBELS not necessarily conforming to the everyday norm. They are uniquely different and equally passionate individuals.
The Gals of Rockabilly feature Burlesque and Pinups with class and feminine style. And we are 2 females organizing the event and believe we are 100% Bombshells.


Although we have taken all the reasonable steps to ensure that you are free from harm or risk while visiting this establishment, the owners and Dusty Rebels and the Bombshells or staff of this business do not however accept any responsibility or liability for any loss or injury of whatsoever nature arrising during your visit. By entering the festival gate or purchasing this ticket you agree to this.